Security Grilles

Window security grilles and door security grilles stop burglaries by protecting windows and creating a physical barrier between your possessions and unwanted visitors.

Security grilles are a major breakthrough in the fight against domestic and commercial break-ins. It is now widely accepted by Crime Prevention Officers and the insurance industry, that the only way to stop burglaries is to physically protect doors and windows.

Security Grilles – Simple but Effective

Window security grilles and door security grilles look good and are simple to maintain and use, yet offer the ultimate protection against intruders. Alarms and double glazing are no longer sufficient deterrents. Alarms are rarely responded to quickly enough, or more often, completely ignored and they can be consistently expensive to maintain. Double glazing can be easily smashed and represents no real defense against intruders. A security grille has major security, safety and appearance advantages over other types of physical security like roller shutters and fixed bars.

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